Locomotives Classified by Number of Cylinders.

Updated: 5 Feb 2006
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Steam locomotives with two, three, or four cylinders are commonplace in the history of these machines. Those with either fewer or more are very rare, and are counted in the ranks of Unusual Steam Locomotives.

This page gives an alternative route of access to the Unusual Steam Locomotives Wing of the Museum of RetroTech, classified by the number of cylinders they boasted.

2,3 and 4 cylinder locomotive types are currently omitted as there are just too many of them; they are not unusual.

Cylinders Locomotive
1The Nielson One-Cylinder Loco
6The French 160-A-1 Reheat Loco: France 1940.
6 The Bulleid Leader. (UK)
6 The Triplex Locomotives. (USA)
6 The Lubeck Locomotive (Germany)
8The Paget Locomotive. (UK)
8The V19.1001 Steam Motor Locomotive: Germany
12The 221TQ Steam Motor Locomotive: France.
12The 232.P.1 Steam Motor Locomotive: France.
12The Colombian Sentinel Steam Motor Locomotive: UK.

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