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In Wireless World/Electronics World.

8 Jan 2014

2003 letters added

This gallery is in course of arrangement

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This is an incomplete index to the letters on audio in Wireless World/Electronics World. Since it covers some thirty years it will take a while to complete; please regard it as work in progress.

My letters to Wireless World/Electronics World

SubjectLetter issuePage
Advanced Preamplifier design: Reply to A J Watts (letter Jan 1984)Feb1977p55S
Comment on Ben Duncan "Trivial amplifiers" letter (Jan 1980)May1980p53S
Preamp design: Reply to Armstrong (letter in same issue)April1984p51
Preamp design: Reply to Armstrong (letter Nov 1984)April1985p75S
Reply to Curl & Armstrong on Electrolytics and Distortion (letters Nov 1985)Feb1986p43S
Electrolytics and distortionJuly1986p22S
Reply to Les Sage on Moving-Coil Preamp (letter, article, Dec 1987)Apr1988p333S
Reply to G Nalty on Moving-Coil Preamp (Dec 1987)June1988p541
Reply to G Nalty on Moving-Coil Preamp (Dec 1987)Oct1988p983
Hybrid MOSFET output: comments on Ivor Brown (Feb 1989)May 1989p514S
Comments on Ivor Brown letter (July 1989)Nov 1989p1086
Comments on Steckel letter (Sept 1989)Dec 1989p1210
Reply to W Groome on Blomley amplifier scheme (Jan 1992)Apr 1992p318
Comments on McLoughlin amplifierAug 1992
Comments on Tim McCormick's Microphone preamplifier article (June 1992) Sept 1992
Reply to R Gough on the body as a cosmic keyboard (Aug 1993)Oct 1993
Comments on Jerry Mead's Subjectivist listening tests (Nov 1993)Jan 1994
Reply to Ivor Brown's letter in same issueFeb 1994
Reply to Ann Silk's letter (Jan 1994)Mar 1994
Thermal distortion: Reply to Ben Duncan. May 1994
Amplifier PSRR: Reply to Ben DuncanJune 1994p508
Amplifier design: Reply to Maynard & BullAug 1994p692
Reply to V J Hawtin on MOSFET inputDec 1994p1037
Reply to Phil Randal on amplifier soundDec 1994p1037
Reply to Doug Eleveld on current driveJan 1995p68
Reply to Graham Nalty on amplifier designFeb 1995p149
Reply to V J Hawtin on slewingFeb 1995p151
Comment on Stochino Feedfoward AmplifierMar 1995p245
Reply to Cyril Bateman on Audio Power SuppliesMay 1995p437
Slewing: Reply to Ben DuncanJune 1995p500
Circuit Misrepresentation: Reply to Ben DuncanJune 1995p501
MOSFETs: Reply to HawtinJune 1995p501
Subjectivism: Reply to Erik MarganJune 1995p501
Open-loop Bandwidth: Reply to Ivor BrownJune 1995p502
MOSFETs: Reply to Koji KiyokawaJuly 1995p596
MOSFETs: Reply to Bengt OlssonJuly 1995p597
MOSFETs: Reply to Laszlo GasparJuly 1995p597
Symmetry: Reply to Bengt OlssonOct 1995p887
Symmetry: Reply to JL HoodOct 1995p887
Symmetry: Reply to Ben DuncanOct 1995p887
Speaker Cables: Reply to Ben DuncanMar 1996p253
Symmetry: Reply to Koji KiyoleawaApr 1996p330
Speaker Cables: Reply to Allen WrightJune 1996p478
Symmetry: Reply to Bengt OlssonSept 1996p701
Class-S: Reply to Aubrey SandmanJan 1997p83
Miscellania: Reply to WrightJan 1997p83
Speaker Cables: Reply to Cyril BatemanMar 1997p260
Preamp: Reply to Michael HutchingsApr 1997p319
Crossover distortion: Reply to J N EllisOct 1997p861
Silvered waveguidesNov 1997p965
Amplifiers: Reply to Cyril BatemanJan 1998p44S
Comments on JLH "Gain Stages" articleOct 1998p859S
Comments on Colin Wonfor's Class-A amplifier Aug 1999p682S
Comments on Russel Breden's power amplifier Aug 1999
Reply to Ellis on emitter degenerationMay 2000587S
Comments on Anthony New on THD/IMDOct 2000p825S
Comments on Bongiorno's letter on crossover distortionMar 2001p236S
Comments on Norman Thagard phono preampMay 2001p389S
Comments on Norman Thagard phono preampNov 2001p855
Reply to William Cross (Oct 2003)Nov 2003p55
No Amps For SaleAug 2004p54
Reply to Bram Melse on Class-XDMar 2007p52
Condemnation of "Reduce Ear Fatigue In Power Amps" by Wangeri KaguongoSept 2009p Comments
Reply to Mike Turner on Zobels inside the output coilMay 2010p16S

Letters of Audio Interest from Other Authors

This list too is growing slowly as I find a few minutes here and there to add to it.

K C JohnsonClass-DMay 1965p246S
D R BirtClass-DMay 1965p247S
Turnbull & TownsendClass-DJun 1965p287S
Clive SinclairClass-DJun 1965p289S
D P FranklinClass-DJun 1965p289S
Harknet, F ButlerMOSTsJuly 1965p334S
B D Josephson, F ButlerClass-DJuly 1965p336S
D R BirtClass-DAug 1965p401S
Derek Lane-SmithClass-DAug 1965p402S
D BosmanClass-DSept 1965p440S
(Yes, that's the Josephson who became a Nobel Prize laureate in 1973 for the prediction of the eponymous Josephson effect)
J DinsdaleDinsdale AmplifierFeb 1966p82
F ButlerBailey 20W Amplifier (with reply)Dec 1966p611S
P A JohnsonComments on "High Input-Impedance Amplifier Circuits"Sept 1968p303S
Ian LeslieComments on "Loudness Control for a Stereo System"Sept 1968p303S
K H GreenComments on "High Input-Impedance Amplifier Circuits"Dec 1968p465S
H W HoldawayComments on "Low Distortion Class-B Output"Dec 1968p465S
D AustinComments on "Negative Feedback and Hum" by G W Short (with reply)Jun1969p273S
I G AbelsonComments on "Negative Feedback and Hum" by G W Short (with reply)July1969p336S
John Linsley HoodComment on "Vital Statistics of an Audio Amplifier" by R WilliamsonJuly1969p337S
L Nelson-JonesMinimum standing current in Class A (with reply)Sept1969p415S
N W ValeClass A/B amplifiersSept1969p415S
Peter BaxandallSymmetry in Class BSept1969p416S
John Linsley HoodAmendments to Class A AmplifierOct1969p471S
Gordon J KingMeasuring crossover distortionOct1969p473S
K ClaysonCrossover distortion in Bailey Amplifiers (with reply)Oct1969p473S
I G JohnsonClass A Amplifier efficiencyNov1969p535S
Peter BaxandallSymmetry in Class BJuly1970p330S
Peter BaxandallSymmetry in Class BAug1970p386S
John Linsley HoodClass-AB AmplifiersAug1970p387S
M Smith & H P WalkerClass-AB AmplifiersSept1970p442S
L R AveryICs in preamplifiersSept1970p442S
John Linsley HoodClass-AB AmplifiersOct1970p489S
J MoirDoppler Effect in LoudspeakersFeb1973p74S
Mornington-West etcAudio Amplifier DesignMay1973p246S
H D GarlandBiamplifier LoudspeakersJun1973p294S
J Ross McDonaldComment on "Distortion Reducer"Jun1973p295S
Reg WilliamsonMagnetic Pickup LoadingJun1973p295S
J L HoodAmplifier DesignJun1973p296S
J R StuartFeedback Amplifiers: Replies by P G Craven, H P Walker & J L HoodJuly1973p330S
R L ArthurtonRecord EqualisationOct1973p497S
Gordon J KingMagnetic Pickup LoadingDec1973p592S
The Jan and Feb issues did not appear.
Peter WalkerDamping FactorMay1974p148S
M Hartley JonesHowl suppressorMay1974p148S
D J BradshawActive Filter Crossover NetworksMay1974p149S
S J CourtDamping Factor. Reply by Peter Walker July1974p228S
J L HoodAmplifier Design Sept1974p449S
J L HoodAudio Amplifier Settling TimeJan1975p18S
T Paravicini, A RadfordRadford Amplifier ClaimsJan1975p19S
T MagchielseSeries & Parallel FeedbackFeb1975p68S
K C Gale Active Crossover NetworksFeb1975p68S
G W ShortReducing Amplifier DistortionMar1975p127S
G J King, J L HoodAudio Amplifier Settling TimeMar1975p127S
Peter WalkerAudio Amplifier Load SpecificationDec1975p568S
J G BennettCurrent DumpingApr1976p54
A J WattsAdvanced Preamplifier designFeb1977p55S
G J BartonSlew-Rate in AmplifiersSep1977p81
Walt JungAdvanced Preamplifier DesignSep1977p82S
Tim ParaviciniAudible Amplifier DistortionJan1978p43S
Stan CurtisAudible Amplifier DistortionJan1978p43S
James MoirAudible Amplifier DistortionJan1978p43S
Peter BaxandallAudible Amplifier DistortionJan1978p44S
Peter BaxandallAudible Amplifier DistortionMay1978p49S
Vanderkooy & LipshitzDistortionless Current DumpingMay1979p71S
Ben DuncanTrivial amplifiersJan1980p79S
S LipshitzRIAA grossly in errorJan1980p80S
Jens LangvadRumble cancellation filterMar1980p61S c
Dave BrinicombeJust Detectable DistortionMay 1981p56
James MoirJust Detectable DistortionMay 1981p57
A FoordLow Noise AmplificationAug 1981p41S
Graham HollimanFilter Transient Response (Hamill filter)Oct 1981p55S
Ed CherryDistortion at the Amplifier-Speaker InterfaceJan 1982p39
Matti OtalaDistortion at the Amplifier-Speaker InterfaceJan 1982p39
J PrattLow-Noise AmplificationJan 1982p41
A FoordLow-Noise AmplificationJan 1982p41
D Lawson-HarrisLinear Power AmplifierJan 1982p40S
S FrostCartridge AlignmentJan 1982p40
E GoodLinear Power AmplifierMay 1982p57
P CryerCartridge AlignmentJune 1982p49
R MaudeBlumlein & StereoAug 1982p60
R GilsonCartridge AlignmentAug 1982p57
F CliffordLow Distortion Wien OscillatorOct 1982p65
R N MarshDouble-Blind Listening TestsOct 1982p63
N M AllinsonClass SDec 1982p65
A SandmanClass SJan 1983p60S
Dagnall, JLHModular preamplifierJan 1983p64S
G DennesPickup Arm GeometryFeb 1983p60
P DemmerStereo Width ControlMar1983p52S
G HillDiscrete opamp preampApr1983p50S
A Mornington-WestAudio SwitchingJune1983p33
P A DuvalModular Preamplifier (JLH)June1983p34
John Linsley HoodModular Preamplifier (Reply to Duval)June1983p35
Peter WalkerCurrent DumpingDec1983p49
Peter Peter BaxandallCurrent DumpingDec1983p49
W ArmstrongPrecision PreamplifierJan1984p51S
M McLoughlinCurrent DumpingFeb1984p46
Vanderkooy & LipshitzCurrent DumpingFeb1984p49
A SandmanCurrent DumpingApril1984p50
W ArmstrongPrecision Preamplifier (Electrolytics)Nov1984p76S
B MorganDifferential line driver Circuit Idea commentFeb1985p78S
Vanderkooy & LipshitzCurrent DumpingMar1985p72S
John CurlElectrolytics and distortionNov1985p19S
W ArmstrongElectrolytics and distortionNov1985p19
K HallElectrolytics and distortionApril1986p37S
B PowellElectrolytics and distortionMay1986p22S
David White etcElectrolytics and distortionJuly1986p22S
John CurlElectrolytics and distortionAug1986p28S
Graham NaltyTransistor heating and distortionOct1986p13
Les SageComments on capacitor distortionOct1986p13S
Nigel PritchardReply to G Nalty on transistor heating (Oct 1986)Jan1987p62
Les SageComments on Margan non-switching amplifier (July 1987)Sept1987p915
Erik MarganReply to Les Sage re Margan non-switching amplifierNov1987p1131
Les SageComments on Moving-Coil Preamp Feb1988p135
B J PollardComments on Crossover by EgertonJul1988p681S
Duncan KitchinComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Aug 1988p755S
John Linsley HoodComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Sept 1988p860S
Reg WilliamsonComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Sept 1988p861S
John HowarthComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Sept 1988p861S
S J ShoreyComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Sept 1988p861S
D L ChellComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Dec 1988p1189S
Stephen GiftComments on Feedback & FETsJuly 1989p683S
Ivor BrownComments on Feedback & FETsJuly 1989p683S
Peter van der WurfFeedforwardJuly 1989p684S
Reg WilliamsonComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Nov 1989p1067
Steve PriceComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Nov 1989p1067
F J P CramptonComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Nov 1989p1068
S WoodstockComments on Science & Subjectivism article (July 1988)Dec 1989p1213
Les SageComments on JLH amplifier article (Nov 1989)Mar 1990p236
Peter BaxandallAmplifier listening testsJun 1990p520
Stan CurtisPreamplifier designAug1990p717
J N EllisAmplifier bias currentsJan 1991
Michael McLoughlinThermal compensation of Output StageApril 1991
Peter BaxandallComments on Current-Dumping etcMay 1991
A SandmanComments on Class DSept 1991
Peter BlomleyReply to W Groome on Blomley amplifier schemeMar 1992p232
M McLoughlinCrossover DistortionApril 1992p320
Greg BallDistortion from PSUsMay 1992p407
Kendall Castor-PerryAmplifier classesMay 1992p408
Peter VaughanRebuttal of Ben DuncanJune 1992p477
Pickering & HadleyMicrophone PreamplifiersFeb 1993p123
Yorke & Blake-ColemanLoudspeaker CablesMay 1993p391
Greg M BallOverlook THD at your PerilAug 1993p676
Graham MaynardSliding-Bias AmplifiersJune 1994p509
Marcel van de GevelQuiescent Current Control in AmplifiersJune 1994p509
Chris BulmanQuiescent Current Control in AmplifiersJune 1994p509
Yorke & Blake-ColemanHifi CablesJune 1994p510
Alan DykeHifi VoodooJune 1994p510
S MerrickAmplifier DistortionJuly 1994p596
Hugh HainesAmplifier DistortionJuly 1994p596
Jerry MeadAmplifier DistortionJuly 1994p596
Chas FrizellHifi CablesAug 1994p693
R TufftHifi CablesAug 1994p693
Reg WilliamsonQuantified Listening PleasureSept 1994p787
Phil DennissListening TestsOct 1994p850S
Wal HensbyLoudspeaker CrossoversOct 1994p850S
Marcel van de GevelQuiescent Current Control in AmplifiersOct 1994p852S
Doug EleveldLinear ThinkingNov 1994p949
V J HawtinMOSFET inputDec 1994p1035
Jan DiddenStochino's FeedforwardDec 1994p1037
Phil DennissSubjective BiasDec 1994p1039
Graham NaltyMusical ComponentsDec 1994p1039
V J HawtinComments on SlewingFeb 1995p151
V J HawtinPower MOSFETsApr 1995p323
Erik MarganGolden EarsMay 1995p437
Cyril BatemanAudio Power SuppliesMay 1995p437
S W DavisSlewing: Rebuttal of Ben DuncanJune 1995p500
Ben DuncanMisrepresentation of RC valuesJune 1995p501
Simon RambertSelf Amplifier DesignsJune 1995p501
Ivor BrownOpen-loop BandwidthJune 1995p502
Koji KiyokawaMOSFETsJuly 1995p595
Bengt OlssonMOSFETsJuly 1995p597
Laszlo GasparMOSFETsJuly 1995p597
Giovanni StochinoFeedforwardJuly 1995p597
Erik MarganAudibility, BootstrappingAug 1995p678
Richard BriceMOSFETs vs BJTsAug 1995p678
Ian BentonGermanium & crossoverAug 1995p679
Ben DuncanSlew RatesAug 1995p679
Mark PlewsAudio ChainAug 1995p679
Ken HoughMOSFETs vs BJTsOct 1995p885
Bengt OlssonSymmetrical AmplifiersOct 1995p886
Graham MaynardSymmetrical AmplifiersOct 1995p887
Ed CherryRebuttal of Duncan Delayed AudioNov 1995p956
A D RyderSallen & Key DistortionNov 1995p958
John WatkinsonDebating FeedbackNov 1995p958
Peter SkirrowSallen & Key DistortionDec 1995p1069
J R AllinsonCurrent FeedbackDec 1995p1070
E J ChaddertonSquare Law AmplifierDec 1995p1070
E J ChaddertonValve AmplifiersDec 1995p1070
Walt JungSallen & Key DistortionJan 1996p35
D C HaighImproving Hot AudioJan 1996p36
Koji KiyoleawaFET LinearityJan 1996p37
Clyve J CainesAmplifier DebateJan 1996p39
Ben DuncanReply to CherryJan 1996p39
Frank OgdenReply to Morgan JonesFeb 1996p157
A D RyderSallen & Key DistortionFeb 1996p158
Morgan JonesValve AmplifiersMar 1996p252
Simon YorkeValve AmplifiersMar 1996p252
Donald PearceDuncan & Speaker CablesMar 1996p252
Malcolm HawksfordCurrent Drive AmplifiersMar 1996p253
J C BaumeisterI vs V feedbackApr 1996p330
Nick WheelerAgreeable DistortionApr 1996p332
M H McFaddenValve MisunderstandingApr 1996p332
Stephen ColeShame About The ErrorApr 1996p332
Phil DennissReply to Duncan re Speaker CablesApr 1996p332
Simon BatesonSallen & Key DistortionApr 1996p333
Allen WrightValve AmplifiersMay 1996p428
Allen WrightReply to Self re Speaker CablesMay 1996p428
Anthony HopwoodAncient Valve MythMay 1996p477
Michael WilliamsReply to Duncan re CablesJune 1996p477
J C PledgerReply to Duncan re CablesJune 1996p477
Robert PeaseGolden EarsJuly/Aug 1996p588
Morgan JonesValve AmplifiersJuly/Aug 1996p588
Bengt OlssonMOSFETs vs BJTsJuly/Aug 1996p590
Robert HigginsonSpeakers & Current FeedbackJuly/Aug 1996p603
Chris BulmanSpeaker Cables & 10mV DiodesSept 1996p700
Phil DennissReply to Duncan re Speaker CablesSept 1996p700
A SandmanAmplifier Thermal EffectsOct 1996p793
Edward DellValve distortionNov 1996p868
A WrightOn 10 mV diodesNov 1996p868
A SandmanClass-SDec 1996p988
K EllisHawksford Error-CorrectionDec 1996p988
M HudsonBalanced phono preampsJan 1997p84
John Linsley-HoodCorrection to Class-A articleJan 1997p84
Gareth ConnorOpamps & caps: Reply to WrightFeb 1997p171
Cyril BatemanSpeaker CablesMar 1997p260
John WatkinsonSpeaker CablesApr 1997p313S
Cyril BatemanSpeaker CablesApr 1997p313S
M HewlettSpeaker CablesApr 1997p313S
Witold WaldmanCrossover designApr 1997p316S
Michael HutchingsSelf PreampApr 1997p318S
Nanno HerderError CorrectionApr 1997p320S
John WoodgateSpeaker CablesMay 1997p413
A ZiemackiPower Amp InstabilityAug 1997p693S
Steve WinderBalanced inputsAug 1997p693S
William de BruynDisk preampsAug 1997p694S
David ThomasAD797 instabilityAug 1997p695S
Bruce Colledge5532sAug 1997p695S
J N EllisCrossover distortionSept 1997p786S
Ken HoughAmplifier stabilityDec 1997p1051
Cyril BatemanAmplifiersJan 1998p44S
Jim UssalisSilvered waveguidesApr 1998p350
George EvansFletcher & MunsonJune 1998p524
E CecconiCahner Active CrossoverJune 1999p524S
Erik MarganCahner Active CrossoverJune 1999p524S
Michel DebuysscherCahner Active CrossoverAug 1999p681S
Jack KouzoujianCahner Active CrossoverAug 1999p681S
Richard WoollcottPass Zen AmplifierAug 1999p682S
Brian PollardActive CrossoversNov 1999p958S
S de BoerActive CrossoversNov 1999p958S
Clas WanningAuto-Intermodulation & CherryApr 2000p342
J N EllisTID: RIP?May 2000p435
Graham MaynardInput Filter DistortionAug 2000 p666Comments
Jo AtkinOutput IM Distortion?Aug 2000 p667
John WoodgateTHD meaningless?Sept 2000p747
Phillip RegaliaIMD versus THDOct 2000p825
Bernard JonesIMD versus THDOct 2000p825
John EllisIMD versus THDOct 2000p825
Brad WoodIMD versus THDOct 2000p826
Harold KirkhamIMD versus THDOct 2000p827
Anthony NewIMD versus THDOct 2000p827
Phil DennissInput filter linearityDec 2000p987Comments
John WellsSlew rateDec 2000p987
James BongiornoCrossover Distortion (with reply from Kimber)Feb 2001 p157S
J N EllisInput Filter DistortionApr 2001 p291CommentsS
George EvansInput Filter DistortionApr 2001 p292CommentsS
Norman ThagardPhono PreampMay 2001 p390
Phil DennissInput Filter DistortionJuly 2001 p551
Arthur BaileySub-BassJuly 2001 p553
Mike HallPhono PreampAug 2001 p633
Walt JungPhono PreampAug 2001 p634
Paul SchickPhono PreampAug 2001 p635
Barry TaylorRIAA cutting accuracyAug 2001 p636
Clive ReadLow-consumption Class-AAug 2001 p637
Norman ThagardPhono PreampSept 2001 p679
At this point Electronics World, for reasons unknown, decided to abandon the practice of having page numbers accumulate through the year.
Justin UnderwoodRIAA cutting accuracyFeb 2002 p64
Stan BrownOutput Inductor CrosstalkApr 2002 p55
Edmond StuartMOSFET compensationOct 2002 p29
John WatkinsonMFB speakerNov 2002 p57
Cyril BatemanLow distortion measurementsNov 2002 p57
Cyril BatemanLow distortion measurementsDec 2002 p40
John WoodgateLow distortion measurementsDec 2002 p41
Bryan HartBaxandall current sourceJan 2003 p41
Tuck ChoyCapacitor SoundJan 2003 p41
Jeff MacaulayMFB speakerJan 2003 p43
Cyril BatemanCapacitor SoundMar 2003 p20S
Richard BlackAudio DistortionMar 2003 p23S
Kevin AylwardAmplifier CompensationJune 2003 p52
Ken HughesAmplifier CompensationAug 2003 p54
Burkhard VogelUSB RIAA preampAug 2003 p55
Sebastien Veyrin-ForrerDIY AudioAug 2003 p55
PigeonIn Praise of AudioAug 2003 p56
John EllisAmplifier CompensationSept 2003 p52
Graham MaynardAmplifier CompensationSept 2003 p53
D LucasSelf-powered AmpOct 2003 p53S
D LucasSelf-made ProjectOct 2003 p56S
D LucasAudio AmplifiersApr 2004 p47
Johannes M DiddenAnalogue SwitchingApr 2004 p49
Joseph CarriApril Fool? (Hybrid amp)Jun 2004 p54
Michael HawkinsApril Fool? (Hybrid amp)Jun 2004 p55
Kevin AylwardLoop GainJun 2004 p55
Ron StephensonJLH- Too LateJuly 2004 p55
Sauli PaloJLH infoAug 2004 p56
Ken HoughHot AirSept 2004 p49
Stewart WardClass-A Imagineering Letter 1Sept 2004 p52Comments
Roly RoperClass-A Imagineering Letter 2Sept 2004 p54Comments
Cyril BatemanClass-A Imagineering Letter 3Sept 2004 p54Comments
Jeff MacaulayClass-A Imagineering Letter 1Oct 2004 p52Comments
Arthur BaileyClass-A Imagineering Letter 2Oct 2004 p52Comments
Jeff MacaulayHybrid AmpOct 2004 p53
Marcel van de GevelErratumOct 2004 p54
Joseph CarriHybrid AmpNov 2004 p52
D LucasCottagingNov 2004 p53
E VanderfeestenToroid Inrush CurrentsNov 2004 p54
Michel NieuwenhuizenClass-A Imagineering Letter 1Dec 2004 p53Comments
Phil DennissClass-A Imagineering Letter 2Dec 2004 p53Comments
The December 2004 issue was the last with Phil Reed as editor.
The Jan 2005 issue was the first with Svetlana Josifovska as editor.
Marcel van de GevelNoise & Moving-Magnet CartridgesAug 2005 p54
Ian BentonImagineering: "First-Cycle Distortion"Aug 2005 p54
Things at EW had changed. No audio letters printed in the entire year.
Ian HegglunTHD is nonsense?Mar 2007 p50
Bram MelseClass-XD and Reactive LoadsMar 2007 p52
No audio letters printed in the entire year.
The only one so far is mine in Sept 2009. (see above)
Me (see above)Reply to Mike Turner on Zobel networks inside the output coilMay 2010p16S

Some Notable Audio Circuit Ideas in WW/EW

R H PearsonUnusual Class-A AmplifierMar1974p18S
S F BywatersRIAA-equalised Pre-amplifierDec1974p503S
K GriffithsNovel power amplifierDec1974p504S
M OldfieldStereo Rumble FilterOct 1975p474S
Giovanni StochinoFeedforward AmplifierMay1978p70S
A R van WijgerdenPower amp with cascode MOSFET inputApr1979p61S
J MacaulayDifferential Rumble FilterSept1979p75S
G HibbertBaxandall tone control with DC bootstrapApr1980p89S
R Lee"Moving-coil Preamp"July1981p75S
Q Rice"Linear Power Amp Offers High Stability"Oct1981p47
J D Thompson"Logarithmic Dividers Using Equal Resistors"Oct1983p58
B E Porter"Tone control"Jan1984p73S
Giovanni Stocchino"Reducing opamp crossover distortion"April1984p35S
S Whitt"Differential line driver"Dec1984p73S
Erik Margan"Add-on Current Dumping"Oct1985p40S
(Actually a "keep-alive" scheme; nothing to do with error-correction or output devices in Class-C)
Egerton"3-Way Crossover Network"Jan1988p63S
Paolo Palazzi"Hybrid valve-transistor stage"Jul1989p692S
A M Wilkes"85 mA Opamp Output"Mar 1992p236
John Lawson"Rumble Filter Preserves Bass"Apr 1992p317
Toshiba Electronics"IGBT Audio Amplifier"May 1992p413
Hans Hartsuiker"50W Blomley Amplifier"June 1992p507
Terence Finnegan"Precise Power Output Stage"May1993p412S
Anon"Current-biased Class-B Output Stage"Aug1994p691
Ian Hegglun"Fast Power Amplifier for Audio"Mar1995p240S
Simon Bateson"Scissors Overcome earth Loops"May1996p402
(An interesting combination of an asymmetrical balanced input and a ground-cancelling output)
Albert Pijuan"Voltage Controlled Common Mode Output"Apr1997p324
Peter LatskyActive CrossoverSept 1999 p779S
George Short"Single-gang pot tunes Wien bridge"Dec2000p971
Jeff MacaulyEfficient Class-AJun 2001 p467S
Martin BaumbachUSB-powered phono preampJan 2003 p467S
Richard BlackActive CrossoverMar 2003 p34S
Burkhard VogelA-Weighting FilterJun 2004 p46S
Burkhard VogelElectrostatic Speaker PSUFeb 2006p50S
Harrison Kaguongo150W AB amplifier Jan2007p47CommentsS

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