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8 Nov 2007

It's happened. Google ads have appeared on the site; I'm sure you know how they work. I have not taken this step lightly, but I have been supporting this site with my own resources for ten years now, and traffic does keep increasing.
I appealed for comments as to whether ads would be appropriate, and every single respondent said they were happy with the idea, so there it is. I am starting in a small way but ads will be, well, added, as time permits; I hope you will not find them intrusive.

The acute observer will have noted that updates stopped for a while (due to holidays) but have been resumed with full vigor, and indeed, vigour. On my travels I paid a visit to CNAM, the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris. This is a wonderful science museum of the good old-fashioned kind, and I found many goodies, which are now starting to appear in the Museum of Retrotechnology. Please don't get your hopes too high about image quality, though. Flash photography is not allowed so what with handheld available-light stuff and the reflections from glass cases, it's uphill work.
And yes, there is still stacks of stuff waiting to go into the Museum as time allows.

An email from Sander Jetten of Nijmegen, Holland:
"Just mailing to let you know you're a Googlewhack.
Type "dynosphere impracticability" in Google and the only hit is your museum of transportation."
A Googlewhack is a phrase you type into Google that returbs one, and only one, hit. That email was sent in July 07 and remains true as of 19 Oct 07.

The SelfSite remains defiantly low-tech. The alert will have noticed a chunk of Javascript on the index page. I must admit I was a bit surprised by the amount of code required. You will find some small gobbets of CSS. This site is constructed with a text-editor and a slide-rule.

Please send comments and suggestions via email address on home page.

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 * Gearwheels from Hell  		Aug 2004
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 * Acoustic Radar  		Oct 2004
 * Steam Lawnmowers  		Nov 2004
 * Thermal Generators 		Nov 2004

 * Unusual Bicycles 	Feb 2005
 * Boiling Petrol Power 	Feb 2005
 * Ammonia Motors 	Mar 2005
 * Nord water-tubes 	Apr 2005
 * Disulphide 	May 2005
 * Compressed Air 	June 2005
 * Soda Loco 	June 2005
 * Clockwork 	July 2005
 * Dog Engine 	July 2005
 * Carbonic Motors 	July 2005
 * Odd Working Fluids 	Aug 2005
 * Mercury power 	Aug 2005
 * Parsons Epicyclic 	Sept 2005
 * Tower Spherical 	Sept 2005
 * Disc Engines 	Oct 2005
 * Steam Aeroplanes 	Oct 2005
 * Non-Circular Wheels 	Nov 2005
 * Colombian Steam Motor Jan 2006
 * Lubeck Steam Motor 	Feb 2006
 * Argentine Steam Motor 	Feb 2006
 * Ouest 		June 2006
 * Alcohol motor 	July 2006
 * Lazy-tongs loco 	July 2006
 * Water engines	Nov 2006
 * Thermomagnetic engines Dec 2006
 * Water motors 	Jan 2007
 * Steam Wheels	Apr 2007
 * Aero-steam engines      Aug 2007
 * Square piston engines   Oct 2007
 * Steam horse     	Dec 2007
 * Rotating cylinder engines Apr 2008
 * Vibratory locos 	Apr 2008
 * Axial steam engines	Jun 2008
 * Axial IC engines	Jun 2008


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