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Updated: 9 Oct 2014

More 2000-2009 articles added
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An incomplete guide to audio projects in the European magazine "Elektor": chronological order.

Equa Power Amplifier FIRST ENGLISH ISSUEanonJan 1974p16S
Electronic LoudspeakersanonJan 1974p50S
Disc PreampanonApr 1975p444
Edwin Power AmplifieranonSept 1975p910S
Quadi-Complementary (Current Dumping)anonDec 1975p1220
PRECO Preamplifier: Part 1T MeyrickApr 1976p417S
Equin Power Amplifier: Part 1anonApr 1976p448S
PRECO Preamplifier: Part 2T MeyrickMay 1976p516S
Equin Power Amplifier: Part 2anonMay 1976p525S
Class-A Sliding-Bias (Mullard)anonJuly/Aug 1976p739S
Stereo Audio MixeranonJan 1977p1-14S
Quadi-complementary complemented anonJan 1977p1-39S
Negative Feedback & Error-Correction anonMar 1977p3-38
Formant Synthesiser: Part 1 C ChapmanMay 1977p5-14
Music Cleaner filter anonMay 1977p5-46
Active Loudspeaker: Crossover filters anonMay 1977p5-46
Formant Synthesiser: Part 2 C ChapmanJune 1977p6-14
Active Loudspeaker: Crossover filters 2anonJune 1977p6-37
Formant Synthesiser: Part 3 C ChapmanSept 1977p9-42
Formant Synthesiser: Part 4 C ChapmanOct 1977p10-40
Equaliser AnonJan 1978p1-08
Formant Synthesiser: Part 7 C ChapmanJan 1978p1-34
Moving Coil PreampAnonApr 1978p4-02S
Elektornado AmplifierAnonApr 1978p4-07
Formant Synthesiser: Part 10 C ChapmanApr 1978p4-33
Digital Reverberation Unit AnonMay 1978p5-08
Vocoder: Part 2 C ChapmanMay 1978p5-21
Stereo Width ControlAnonJuly/Aug 1978p7-22S
Preconsonant RIAA PreampAnonJuly/Aug 1978p7-34S
Consonant PreampAnonJuly/Aug 1978p7-38S
24dB/oct VCF for FormantC ChapmanSept 1978p9-34
PWM Audio Amplifiers (Class-D)AnonDec 1978p12-04
Measuring by the book: IHF-standards AnonJan 1979p1-02S
Class Tells (Technics Class-A)AnonJan 1979p1-22S
Crosstalk Canceller (Denon)AnonMar 1979p3-04S
Stentor Amplifier (+12V)AnonApr 1979p4-14S
Using an EqualiserAnonSept 1979p9-04
Parametric EqualiserAnonSept 1979p9-26
Audio AnalyserAnonSept 1979p9-38
Top PreampAnonDec 1979p12-13
Ring ModulatorAnonDec 1979p12-27
Tailoring Potentiometers (with loading resistors)AnonDec 1979p12-36
Vocoder: Part 1AnonJan 1980p1-24
Vocoder: Part 2AnonFeb 1980p2-14
FET Opamps for FormantAnonFeb 1980p2-09
ChorosynthJ D MitchellMar 1980p3-17
PWM amplifier 3W/4RE PostmaMar 1980p5-22
200W Raw PoweranonJan 1981
Noise Reduction (High-Com)anonFeb 1981p2-04
Voiced/Unvoiced Detector (for Vocoder)F VisserFeb 1981p2-17
Music Synthesiser ICsH P BaumannOct 1981p10-18
New Elektor Synthesiser: Part 2anonNov 1981p11-14
New Elektor Synthesiser: Part 3 VCOanonDec 1981p12-39
New Elektor Synthesiser: Part 4 VCF/VCAanonJan 1982p1-22
Guitar Amplifier PhilosophyanonJan 1982p1-42S
New Elektor Synthesiser: Part 5 ADSR & LFOanonFeb 1982p2-24
CX and DNR Noise ReductionanonFeb 1982p2-41S
New Elektor Synthesiser: Part 6 COManonMar 1982p3-18
Polyphonic SynthesiseranonMar 1982p3-51
Wind Noise GeneratorH PietzkoMar 1982p3-16S
DNR Noise ReductionAnonMar 1982p3-29S
100W Power AmplifierAnonApr 1982p4-19S
Class A+B Power AmplifierAnonJuly/Aug 1982p7-51S
Super Low-noise Preamp AnonJuly/Aug 1982p7-72
Stereo Power Amplifier (LM2896)AnonJuly/Aug 1982p7-82
AXL amplifieranonMar 1985
Car Radio amplifieranonNov 1985p46
Loudspeaker Impedance CorrectionanonMay 1986p30S
Portable Mixer: Part 2anonMay 1986p33S
High-Power AF Amplifier: Part 1anonMay 1986p60S
High-Power AF Amplifier: Part 2anonJune 1986p26S
Portable Mixer: Part 3anonJune 1986p62S
Equaliser for GuitarsW TederOct 1986p24S
Top of the Range Preamplifier: Part 2anonDec 1986p54S
BiphaserW TederMar 1987p46S
Valve Preamplifier: part 1anonMar 1987p50S
Active Phase-Linear Crossover NetworkSept 1987p61S
Fuzz Unit for GuitarsanonApr 1988p33
LFA-150: A Fast Power Amplifier: Part-1A SchmeetsNov 1988p20S
Harmonic EnhancerW TederNov 1988p41
LFA-150: A Fast Power Amplifier: Part-2A SchmeetsDec 1988p42S
Pitch Control for CD PlayersA SchmeetsDec 1988p21
MOSFET Hifi Power AmplifieranonFeb 1989p14S
Tweeter ProtectorK BaumotteFeb 1989p69S
Class-D Power AmplifierJ BarefordApr 1989p19
Upgrading the Vox AC-30F P ZantisApr 1989p26S
Guitar AmplifierT GiffardJune 1989p14
Medium-Power AF Amplifier (4-stage)T GiffardOct 1990p54S
Dubbing Mixer EV7000: Part-1anonOct 1990p58
Medium-Power AF Amplifier (4-stage) Part-2T GiffardNov 1990p44S
Active Mini Sub-wooferT GiffardNov 1990p48
The Complete Preamplifier: Part-1T GiffardJan 1991p44S
Preamplifier for Moving-Coil PickupT GiffardApr 1991p18S
Surf generatorW CazemierApr 1991p51S
Preamplifier for Moving-Magnet PickupT GiffardMay 1991p54S
Class-A Power Amplifier (really AB)T GiffardNov 1991p37S
Active 3-way LoudspeakerTon Giesberts & H BaggenJuly/Aug 1993p8S
Class-A PreamplifierTon GiesbertsJuly/Aug 1993p61S
Medium Power HexFET AmplifierTon GiesbertsDec 1993p8S
100W High-End AF Power AmplifierTon GiesbertsMar 1994p
HexFET Amplifier UpgradeTon GiesbertsSep 1995p
300W Power AmplifierA RiedleNov 1995p
Compact AF Power AmplifierTon GiesbertsMay 1997p
1.5V Power AmpS WeberDec 2000pP
Crescendo Amplifier Millennium EditionTon GiesbertsApr 2001pP
Tunable Active Notch FiltersH KuhneMar 2002pP
Active Loudspeaker System: Part-1Ton GiesbertsJan 2003pP
Active Loudspeaker System: Part-2Ton GiesbertsFeb 2003pP
FET Amp with Valve Sound B KainkaNov 2003pP
High-End Preamp: Part 1Benjamin HinrichsApr 2004pP
High-End Preamp: Part 2Benjamin HinrichsMay 2004pP
Clarity Class-T power amp: Part 1Ton GiesbertsJune 2004pP
Clarity Class-T power amp: Part 2Ton GiesbertsSept 2004pP
Clarity Class-T power amp: Part 3Ton GiesbertsOct 2004pP
Class-D output filtersTon GiesbertsNov 2004pP
High-End Power AmpTon GiesbertsMar 2005pP
RIAA preampC TavernierJuly/Aug 2006pP
Paraphase Tone ControlTon GiesbertsJuly/Aug 2006pP
Hybrid Headphone AmpJeff MacaulayJuly/Aug 2006pP
Class-A Triode AmpWim de JagerJune 2007pP
Headphone Amp with 3D SoundR ChamplinNov 2007pP
Pax Error-Correcting Power Amplifier: Part1J DiddenApr 2008p24S
Pax Error-Correcting Power Amplifier: Part2J DiddenMay 2008p44S
Motorised Volume ControlFrank LinkNov 2008p38S
New Developments in Class-DThijs BeckersNov 2009p36S
Switch-mode PSUs for HifiTon Giesberts et alJune 2010pP
The 5532 OpAmplifier: Part 1Douglas SelfOct 2010p14
Electrolytic Capacitors in Audio CircuitsTon GiesbertsOct 2010p44S
The 5532 OpAmplifier: Part 2Douglas SelfNov 2010p24
Sixties-style 40 W Audio AmplifierJ KreutzJuly/Aug 2011pP
Consonant Control PreamplifierJan BuitingFeb 2012pP
Preamplifier 2012: Part 1Douglas SelfApr 2012p16
Preamplifier 2012: Part 2Douglas SelfMay 2012p28
Preamplifier 2012: Part 3Douglas SelfJune 2012p20
Q-Watt Audio Power AmplifierTon GiesbertsSept 2013pP

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